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Dr. Vijayakumar D.R MBBS, DPM, DNB (NIMHANS), CCST (UK)
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PHONE Consultations

  1. You can make an appointment by calling 9900766441  or emailing to You can also SMS for an appointment.
  2. Your sessions will be confidential
  3. Consultation fees to be transferred to the bank account prior to the session. ( account details will be sent once appointment is confirmed)
  4. You will be speaking to a qualified psychiatrist.
  5. Appointments will be given at a mutually convenient time
  6. An e bill will be sent to you via email.
  7. The client will have to make the phone call for each session.
  8. The sessions can be done in English, Kannada, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu. Ask for the language you are comfortable in prior to taking sessions.
  9. Make sure you have adequate privacy and no distractions while in sessions.
  10. If needed family members also can be spoken to during assessment.
  11. If you are on any medications and have any physical problems please do not forget to mention it to the psychiatrist.  You can also write to the psychiatrist on the above mentioned email about the medications and any other information you deem to be necessary.
  12. The psychiatrist will speak to the client only at the time of appointment. 
  13. The call will not be  answered  outside appointment timings, strictly.
  14. Telephone  consultations is strictly on appointment basis only.
  15. Medications will not be prescribed over the phone.
  16. It would be useful  if the client has a paper and pen nearby in order to write down points if needed.

Indications for phone therapy

  1. First time consultations for psychological problems.
  2. For second  opinions .
  3. For Cognitive Behaviour therapy
  4. For Marital therapy.
  5. For the client who is reluctant to see a psychiatrist in person.
  6. For clients who have seen the psychiatrist once in person and who want to avoid the travelling to the clinic. 
  7. May be preferred by clients who have heightened concerns around confidentiality
  8. Maybe be preferred by clients who experience anxiety in face to face counseling 
  9. Clients with mobility issues.
  10. Clients who live far away don’t have to spend time  travelling
  11. Clients who do not have access to a good psychiatrist near their place of living.
  12. Clients who have severe social phobia and cannot travel outside their house.


When in session you can always request the psychiatrist to speak more slowly or repeat instructions if it is not understood by the client.