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Dr. Vijayakumar D.R MBBS, DPM, DNB (NIMHANS), CCST (UK)
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Treatment for all kinds of psychological problems

1. Treatment for all kinds of psychological problems  like

a) Depression
b) Generalized anxiety disorder
c) Phobias  eg  fear of public speaking, social phobia, fear of flying , fear of driving, fear of escalators, elevators,heights,insects etc
d) Social phobia
e) Obsessive compulsive disorders
f) Schizophrenia
g) Bipolar affective disorder
h) All psychotic illness
i) Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
j) Poor academic performance
k) Dementia
l) Psychological problems of the aged
m) Alcohol dependence 
n) Smoking cessation programmes
o) Stress management
p) Sexual disorders of psychological nature
q) Marital problems